Advanced Technology

At POSCO-MALAYSIA, state of the art techniques are employed in the processing and synthesis of high performance materials.

POSCO-MALAYSIA has a full-fledged technical team compromising Malaysians who have been specially trained and EGI specialists from Korea. This dedicated team, combined with POSCO-MALAYSIA's advanced technology ensures quality, consistency and innovative products for the long term.

Galvanizing involves coating the steel sheet with zinc in order to protect it from corrosion. Zinc metal is electroplated onto cold rolled steel sheet in order to improve conductivity and longevity.

The two major methods of galvanizing are ‘hot-dip galvanising’ and ‘electrogalvanising’. Electrogalvanising has an advantage over Hot-dip galvanising due to its consistency of coating and improved conductivity, formability, weld ability and print-ability.

For many high-quality-finish applications of highly formed and shaped products, EGI is the most suitable and recognized as the best surface quality of all the galvanized products.

POSCO-MALAYSIA produces EGI in the following ranges:
Width range of 700mm – 1250mm and Thickness range of 0.35mm – 2.3mm.

Typical applications include, computer chassis, air conditioning units, door frames, high quality finish fascia panels and others.

The quality of our products are equivalent to those imported from Korea and Japan.


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